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Playing cards both printed and blank to assist in the classroom

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00814.jpgAlphabet cards - printed letters of the alphabet.

(Quick Find Code: 00814)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.90View/Order
00807.jpgNumeric cards 0 - 30

(Quick Find Code: 00807)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.99View/Order
00809.jpgNumeric cards 0-100

(Quick Find Code: 00809)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.90View/Order
00810.jpgPlaying cards - blank both sides, pack of 1000

(Quick Find Code: 00810)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 9.89View/Order
00811.jpgPlaying cards - blank both sides, pack of 200

(Quick Find Code: 00811)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.79View/Order
00812.jpgPlaying cards - blank one side, pack of 1000

(Quick Find Code: 00812)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 10.79View/Order
00813.jpgPlaying cards - blank one side, pack of 200

(Quick Find Code: 00813)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 3.33View/Order
00819.jpgPlaying cards - standard indices, giant size.

(Quick Find Code: 00819)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.26View/Order
00817.jpgTwo packs of playing cards - large indices.

(Quick Find Code: 00817)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.79View/Order
00815.jpgTwo packs of playing cards - standard.

(Quick Find Code: 00815)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.79View/Order

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