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00612 Aug13 copy.jpgRoulette & Blackjack set - 40cm. wheel - (Quick Find Code: 00612)
RRP: £ 35.74 - Our Price: £ 25.99


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00814.jpgAlphabet cards - printed letters of the alphabet.
(Quick Find Code: 00814)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.39View/Order
00458.jpgBackgammon set in leatherette covered case
(Quick Find Code: 00458)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 20.99View/Order
00464.jpgBackgammon set in leatherette covered case
(Quick Find Code: 00464)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 20.99View/Order
00465.jpgBackgammon set in leatherette covered case
(Quick Find Code: 00465)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 29.99View/Order
00463.jpgBackgammon set with folding board.
(Quick Find Code: 00463)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 6.47View/Order
00467 copy.jpgBackgammon set, vinyl covering - large size
(Quick Find Code: 00467)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 18.99View/Order
00466-Aug 13.jpgBackgammon set, vinyl covering - medium size
(Quick Find Code: 00466)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 19.46View/Order
00470.jpgBackgammon set, vinyl covering - travel size
(Quick Find Code: 00470)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 9.96View/Order
00830.jpgBlackjack Set
(Quick Find Code: 00830)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 20.99View/Order
00265.jpgChess and draughts men & board, 65mm. King
(Quick Find Code: 00265)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 7.39View/Order
421P Polish chess board.jpgChess board - Sycamore & sapele wood veneer
(Quick Find Code: 00421)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 22.99View/Order
00405-406.jpgChess board, folding. Approx. 350mm. square
(Quick Find Code: 00405)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 3.70View/Order
00405-406.jpgChess board, folding. Approx. 400mm. square
(Quick Find Code: 00406)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.65View/Order
00268.jpgChess set with wood chessmen in solid wood box
(Quick Find Code: 00268)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 13.99View/Order
00259.jpgChessmen & board, plastic pieces, 65mm. King
(Quick Find Code: 00259)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.99View/Order
00263.jpgChessmen & board, plastic pieces, 75mm. King
(Quick Find Code: 00263)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 7.39View/Order
00252 Men & Board.jpgChessmen & board, plastic pieces, 75mm. King
(Quick Find Code: 00252)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.99View/Order
00248.jpgChessmen, plastic 65mm. King
(Quick Find Code: 00248)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.15View/Order
00201.jpgChessmen, wood, 75mm. King
(Quick Find Code: 00201)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.08View/Order
00200.jpgChessmen, wood, 65mm. King
(Quick Find Code: 00200)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.62View/Order
00501.jpgCounters - pack of 100 x 16mm. dia.
(Quick Find Code: 00501)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.30View/Order
00521.jpgCounters - pack of 100 x 22mm. dia.
(Quick Find Code: 00521)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.50View/Order
00508-9.jpgCounters - pack of 1000 x 16mm. dia.
(Quick Find Code: 00509)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.55View/Order
00528-9.jpgCounters - pack of 1000 x 22mm. dia.
(Quick Find Code: 00529)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 9.99View/Order
00508-9.jpgCounters - pack of 500 x 16mm. dia.
(Quick Find Code: 00508)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.76View/Order
00528-9.jpgCounters - pack of 500 x 22mm. dia.
(Quick Find Code: 00528)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.09View/Order
00185.jpgCribbage board & two packs of playing cards
(Quick Find Code: 00185W)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.55View/Order
00180.jpgCribbage board - folding, wood
(Quick Find Code: 00180)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.85View/Order
00182-2 copy.jpgCribbage board - wood
(Quick Find Code: 00182)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 7.39View/Order
00181.jpgCribbage board - wood
(Quick Find Code: 00181)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 3.70View/Order
Cribbage pegs 00198.jpgCribbage pegs
(Quick Find Code: 00198)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.49View/Order
00192 Aug 13.jpgCribbage set
(Quick Find Code: 00192)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.54View/Order
00536.jpgDice - polyhedron, pack of 10
(Quick Find Code: 00536)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.00View/Order
00540.jpgDice - blank, pack of 10 x 16mm. diameter.
(Quick Find Code: 00540)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.89View/Order
00541.jpgDice - blank, pack of 10 x 19mm. diameter.
(Quick Find Code: 00541)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.89View/Order
00542.jpgDice - blank, pack of 10 x 25mm. diameter.
(Quick Find Code: 00542)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.99View/Order
00545 poker dice.jpgDice - poker dice
(Quick Find Code: 00545)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.29View/Order
00563.jpgDice - spot, pack of 10 x 16mm. diameter.
(Quick Find Code: 00563)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.89View/Order
00564.jpgDice - spot, pack of 10 x 19mm. diameter
(Quick Find Code: 00564)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.10View/Order
00566.jpgDice - spot, pack of 10 x 22mm. diameter.
(Quick Find Code: 00566)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.39View/Order
00561.jpgDice - spot, pack of 100 x 12mm. diameter.
(Quick Find Code: 00561)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.75View/Order
00560.jpgDice - spot, pack of 20 x 10mm. diameter.
(Quick Find Code: 00560)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.89View/Order
00590.jpgDice cup - plastic
(Quick Find Code: 00590)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.85View/Order
00186 copy.jpgDominoes, cribbage and 2 packs of playing cards
(Quick Find Code: 00186W)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 10.66View/Order
00316.jpgDraughts set
(Quick Find Code: 00316)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 5.99View/Order
00315 May 17.jpgDraughtsmen
(Quick Find Code: 00315)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.79View/Order
00131.jpgGiant domonoes and giant playing cards pack
(Quick Find Code: 00131)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 15.99View/Order
00130.jpgGiant Double Six Wood Dominoes - Black Spots
(Quick Find Code: 00130)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 13.99View/Order
00711 Go Game web site.jpgGo game
(Quick Find Code: 00711)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 8.99View/Order
00710 Go Game.jpgGo game with wood board
(Quick Find Code: 00710)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 19.99View/Order
00920.jpgLink four counters in a row
(Quick Find Code: 00920)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.59View/Order
00480.jpgLotto set
(Quick Find Code: 00480)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 11.09View/Order
00473 Ludo.jpgLudo Set
(Quick Find Code: 00473)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.99View/Order
00696 copy.jpgMah jong set in walnut presentation case
(Quick Find Code: 00696)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 79.99View/Order
00695.jpgMah jong set with bone and bamboo tiles
(Quick Find Code: 00695)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 73.99View/Order
00690.jpgMah Jong set with Chinese characters
(Quick Find Code: 00690)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 29.59View/Order
00479 Games set small web site.jpgMulti games set-Ludo, Snakes, Chess & Draughts
(Quick Find Code: 00479)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 18.49View/Order
00807.jpgNumeric cards 0 - 30
(Quick Find Code: 00807)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 0.99View/Order
00809.jpgNumeric cards 0-100
(Quick Find Code: 00809)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.39View/Order
00555 Dice pack.jpgPack of dice and counters
(Quick Find Code: 00555)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 7.99View/Order
00124.jpgPlastic Double Fifteen Dominoes - Coloured Spots
(Quick Find Code: 00124)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 22.19View/Order
00122.jpgPlastic Double Nine Dominoes-Black Spots&Spinners
(Quick Find Code: 00122)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 7.39View/Order
00116.jpgPlastic Double Six Dominoes - Black Spots
(Quick Find Code: 00116)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 3.69View/Order
00117.jpgPlastic Double Six Dominoes - Coloured Spots
(Quick Find Code: 00117)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 3.69View/Order
00121.jpgPlastic Double Six Dominoes - Spinners&Black Spots
(Quick Find Code: 00121)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 3.70View/Order
00120.jpgPlastic Double Six Dominoes - With Spinners
(Quick Find Code: 00120)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.09View/Order
00108.jpgPlastic Double Six Dominoes-Black Spots & Spinners
(Quick Find Code: 00108)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.50View/Order
00109.jpgPlastic Double Six Dominoes-Colour Spots&Spinners
(Quick Find Code: 00109)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 3.25View/Order
00123.jpgPlastic Double Twelve Dominoes - Black Spots
(Quick Find Code: 00123)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 11.99View/Order
00810.jpgPlaying cards - blank both sides, pack of 1000
(Quick Find Code: 00810)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 8.99View/Order
00811.jpgPlaying cards - blank both sides, pack of 200
(Quick Find Code: 00811)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.85View/Order
00812.jpgPlaying cards - blank one side, pack of 1000
(Quick Find Code: 00812)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 8.99View/Order
00813.jpgPlaying cards - blank one side, pack of 200
(Quick Find Code: 00813)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.85View/Order
00819.jpgPlaying cards - standard indices, giant size.
(Quick Find Code: 00819)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 2.29View/Order
Poker chips Las Vegas.jpgPoker chips in lacquered casket
(Quick Find Code: 00570)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 49.99View/Order
00840.jpgPoker set in black leatherette box
(Quick Find Code: 00840)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 8.99View/Order
Multi games set.jpgPrimary Games Pack
(Quick Find Code: 05050)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 45.99View/Order
00612 Aug13 copy.jpgRoulette & Blackjack set - 40cm. wheel
(Quick Find Code: 00612)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 25.99View/Order
00609 Aug13 copy.jpgRoulette set - 25cm. wheel
(Quick Find Code: 00609)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 11.99View/Order
00901.jpgRummy set - de luxe set
(Quick Find Code: 00901)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 16.99View/Order
00900 copy.jpgRummy set - standard set
(Quick Find Code: 00900)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 9.99View/Order
00930.jpgShut the box 00930
(Quick Find Code: 00931)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 9.99View/Order
00772.jpgSkittles - bar skittles.
(Quick Find Code: 00772)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 41.99View/Order
00476 S&L.jpgSnakes & Ladders Set
(Quick Find Code: 00476)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.99View/Order
00817.jpgTwo packs of playing cards - large indices.
(Quick Find Code: 00817)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.85View/Order
00815.jpgTwo packs of playing cards - standard.
(Quick Find Code: 00815)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 1.85View/Order
golf dice copy.jpgVintage golf dice game
(Quick Find Code: 00544)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 4.99View/Order
small roulette wheel.jpgVintage Kent and Cleal roulette wheel
(Quick Find Code: 00620)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 6.99View/Order
00452.jpgWood backgammon set with wood veneer
(Quick Find Code: 00452)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 22.99View/Order
00455.jpgWood backgammon set with wood veneer
(Quick Find Code: 00455)
Kent & Cleal Ltd.£ 44.99View/Order

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