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Bagatelle - the Corinthian bagatelle as sold by this business for over 75 years but supplied with wood pegs instead of nails for complete user safety. Has metal cups for the authentic sound.

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00700.jpgBagatelle - Corinthian Master bagatelle .
(Quick Find Code: 00700)
Abbey Corinthian Games Co£ 45.99£ 0.00View/Order
Bagatelle balls 00704.jpgBagatelle - set of ten spare ball bearings
(Quick Find Code: 00704)
Abbey Corinthian Games Co£ 2.99£ 2.99View/Order
00772.jpgSkittles - bar skittles.
(Quick Find Code: 00772)
Kent & Cleal£ 43.99£ 0.00View/Order

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